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    hi, new also

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    hi everyone, new comer here

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    hello.. salut

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    Jun 2013
    hiho guys i'm from kosovo and i'm new on this web site

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    Hi there

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    Hey guys, ex xboxer now turned to ps following the new Xbox reveal. Any one recommend me good games to get, I fear I have a lot to catch up on. I'm from the uk by the way

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    hello, new here just looking at homebrew apps and other apps for my ps3, just looking at what others might of created and reading up more on usage.

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    Hello guys, I'm new here now, i want to make the 4.41 OFW ps3 jailbreak, i have a lot of knowledge with jailbreaking and know a lot about the PS3 itself. i have been making firmwares now since 4.11 with eXPO1S0nHD's team. I would like to join a 4.41 jailbreaking team, so hit me up if you got space.


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    hi all, repaired my ylod/rlod after a year and back in business!!

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    hi there, new recruit here

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