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    how do everyone!

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    new user here don't have a clue how to jailbreak

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    hi all
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    ps3 fat jailbreak+ game mods

    hello all, my name is wayne and I have become hooked on trying to jailbreak a ps3. I have been at it for almost to days none stop. I came across this site about 1 hour ago and after going to at least 1000 sites, this one MAKES SENSE, well I think it does, maybe its me been at the pc to long, ha ha ha

    nice site, if anyone has any info on my jailbreakin problem, plz reply .only in pre school language. thanks

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    Hi, I am a new user from the usa

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    Hey, thank you for the help.

    well i know enough but i can't find any cfw but i would love to so i can try to put droid on my ps3 to.
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    Hi.. Who new forum!!

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    Hiya, Ariezwulf here. New from Singapore, using 320gb PS3 Slim, into FPS and RPGs. Currently playing Bioshock Infinite and FF XIII on the side.

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    Hallo, I am ashiano new to ps3news welcome guys...

    can somebody help me with install games on harddrive?
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    hi, newbie and new here

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