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    May 2013
    hi all

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    May 2013
    New user here, same as anyone else, just need to start somewhere

    Might as well be here

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    Hi all

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    May 2013
    Hey everyone

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    Hello. New user here. Find this website very resourceful. Hope I can contribute. Cheers.

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    Hey i'm new as well have a 120gb psc cech 2501A and interested on opening up the walls

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    Hi, new user here..

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    Good morning friends!

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    Hello, users. I'm new to the forum & planning on getting a PS Vita. I want to play Ni No Kuni & other games on the system, but I'm worried with all the updates I won't be able to play most games for long. I had a hacked PSP & had to buy a replacement cuz my new games couldn't play on it. That sucks. Any suggestions for a work around are greatly appreciated.

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