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    May 2013
    Just joined this site got a great love for ps3, hope i am able to contribute somehow well not for now seeing i am a rookie now lool but yea.

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    Hi All, Great to find a forum that can help you in understand and control your PS3 better Looking forward to learn from here

    I've a question, for a rookie person like me, who wants to jailbreak his Fat 4.41 PS3, where should I start?
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    Hi, Just got a ps3 off cow boom now trying to get it fixed up

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    Hi.. Great site so thanks for all the work that goes into it.

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    Hello everyone... I'm a complete noob at ps3 mods and will be having to pick all of your brains to get up to speed as I want the full experience out of my system too, however, I'm not certain where to begin. I am experienced at rooting Android devices, jailbreaking iDevices and softmodding Nintendo's disaster of a game system, but this is a new realm.

    I have the GoW 500GB GOTY edition system from last year that is currently running 4.41 and am trying to get this puppy ready for full exploitation so any and all assistance will be greatly appreciated...

    Thank you for having such a useful resource of helpful people in this forum.

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    Hello All,

    I'm also new to PS3 I just bought one (Slim - 4.41) and would like to JB it but have no idea where to start. Can I use Rebug 4.41.1 Lite Cfw ? This is the only 4.41 cfw I've seen so far. Can anyone point in the right direction or to a link with step by step instructions.

    I've been looking around the web and came across mulitMAN but don't know what that's for. What I really want to do is to be able to play downloaded games. Thank in advanced.

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    Hi just wanna make my PS3 better overall... got a PS Vita to go wit it

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    hi dudes

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    hey all, thanks man

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    Hi i'm quite new to the ps3 scene but hey hello at everyone

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