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    hey ALL... I JUST registered now... seen some very helpful posts and i'm actually in the process of dl the new cfw lite edition

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    hello all, been lurking and decided to make an account and start posting!

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    wus hangin. Well I've decided to start doing some recon on jailbreaking my ps3 and unlocking all the glory that comes with it. I'm a complete noob to this. I'm experienced in rooting/flashing on cell phones so I'm hoping its some of the same operations just with different vernacular.

    The little web searching I've done shows I might be out of luck as my ps3 (which I've owned for 2 moths) is on 4.41. If anybody can point me to a noob proof guide or where I should look first to get acquainted with the forum I'd much appreciate it.

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    Hi and Thanks, happy to be part of this family.

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    hello i am new

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    new noob here hope to learn some stuff on ps3!! cheers

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    May 2013
    Hey guys i'm new and looking for help.

    btw hello to all new members
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    Hi all!

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