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    i just joined i have the origianal 80gb ps3 a ps2 and a psp im a big fan of sony.. so that my self introduction.

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    I am new also.. nooba nooba yay nooba nooba nooba yay! (sung to the tune of the numa song)

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    Hi I'm also new to the scene

    I'm new to the scene found this looking around on the net for patches etc.

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    Hey, just joined up, good looking site..

    I have a 250 gb seagate in my ps2, lots of ps2 emus, all nes, snes, genesis.. good times.

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    Hello there!

    Newbie @ the forum here!

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    im a noob from france

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    Join Date
    Jan 2009
    hi all!

    Here is my first post

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    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone, i am from spain, and i have the ps3 60gb for investigation hardware.

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    Hello! New user here Good site!

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    Hi to all PS3 users. Very nice forum.

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