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    Apr 2013
    Hi, just wanted to post an update.

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    hello i'm new whats up i need friends

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    Hello, I like ps3

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    hey, well i'm getting problems in with The FTP.. can anyone help..
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    Apr 2013
    hallo lan is here

    nice to meet you

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    hey everyone

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    Hi everyone, I'm New

    Hi everybody, i'm a new member

    Setup :

    17 years Old
    Ps3 4.40 OFW
    Ps3 4.40 ROGERO CFW
    XBOX 360 Slim XKEY v.2

    My youtube Channel :

    See you soon

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    hello, i new user from russia

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    May 2010
    Hi everyone. New (obviously). Hoping to find some good info. Thinking about jailbreaking my PS3 finally. Modded all my previous consoles with soft and/or hard mods. Interested in learning the basics and eventually jailbreaking my ps3. I'm a complete newb when it comes to jailbreaking the ps3 and not afraid to admit it. Any help, advise, caveats, etc on where to look, what to look for, etc would be appreciated. I have quite a bit of Linux background. Hoping that may come in handy.

    Anyway, nice to meet everyone and nice to be here.

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    Jun 2012
    Sorta new here and figured it was time to announce my official arrival. Better late then never. I have been researching about cfw and its apps and i usually find myself here so hello and thank you to all the users and admins.

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