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    Hi guys, how do you download from this site..?

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    Just dropping by to say hi

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    Dec 2010
    hey all im new too nice to meet ya!

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    Hello everybody, I'm new french ps3news reader.

    I have got one PS3 slim, PSP slim 2000, one PS2 fat, one PSX, Two Xbox360 (original and jtag), and one xbox.

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    Its been awhile just got a ps3 again and trying to find the latest info on jailbreaking newer fw!

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    hi people

    how are we all ?
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    hello, i'm a new user.. what's up everyone

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    Apr 2011
    Hello world, Its great to be here.

    Same here as well
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    hello, rookie here

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    Apr 2013
    Hey, I just joined. I have been programming since I was 7 years old, so about 20 years now. I have some great ideas for some PS3 games, but am using this to try to see if there's a full leak out there, and for pointers and help with the system before actually attempting to apply and buy the full SDK from Sony. I am great when it comes to actual coding, but horrible when it comes to graphics. So if anyone out there has some graphics experience and wants to hook up feel free to hit me up.

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