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    with ps3 now running 3.55 looking for the best one for it, nice forum by the way

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    Apr 2013
    Hai, I'm Fadust from Indonesia and just start using CFW, very excited to learn about homebrew and Jailbreak app, and sorry for my bad english

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    hi and thanks

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    Hello All I'm new here.

    I'm here for ps3 downgrading advice.
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    Feb 2008
    Welcome all.

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    hello guys! i'm a new user, nice to meet you all

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    Hello all... I'm a new PS3 user & wanted to introduce myself

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    Jun 2011
    Hello. I'm new as well

    My purpose for joining is to know more about jailbreaking and anything related to jailbreaking PS3s. Of course, once I learn them, I can spread this knowledge around.

    For starters, is it true that a PS3 can only be jailbroken if it is not over the firmware 3.55? I've heard of Phat PS3s being jailbroken regardless of current firmware; is this true? and can jailbroken PS3s play ALL games regardless of release date, be it the latest games to the oldest?

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    Hi and welcome aboard hyperjinxz

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    Apr 2013
    Hello Newbie here..

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