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    Feb 2011

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    Jan 2011
    hi i'm looking to downgrade my ps3 from 4.31 to 3.55 to jailbrake 3.55 then re update to 4.40 jailbroken need help whats the best flashing hardware out and can you jailbrake 4.40 or 4.31 without a downgrade ? i used to have 3.55 cfw but i upgraded when ps3 was hacked and lost my cfw. i have a 60gb Fat edition with an upgraded hd to 120gb. guys i need your help

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    hi all, i think you need to wait for 4.40 cfw

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    Hello everyone, I'm new to and looking forward joining this great community.

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    Just saying hi. Finally a good forum about ps3 gaming. Looks good, keep it up.

    Greetz: GameUnit.

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    hi there all, new here

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    Hey! New here too!

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    Mar 2013
    I'm new I just purchased a jailbroken ps3 slim running multiman and of course as a noob I mucked it up! I downloaded the latest update and now when I load up multiman in the ps3 I get an error that I need th base multiman I try to download the base choice from the ps3 and the qeue says idle and won't do it! What am I doing wrong? Did I mess the whole thing up?

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    Hello all.. this is a pretty good looken site..cant wait to gain some ps3 tips from the "BRAINS" of this website and i am sure theres lots

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    just joined, thanks!

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