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    new with ps3 hacking hope i dont kill it.

    hacked my psp eventually it didn't work anymore at all just a black screen

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    Cool Hi I am new here

    Hi I am new here I want to share everyone my problems and the solves I hope we be one team in the world

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    Hi all, I need aliens colonial marines eboot patch

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    I'm new here searching for hope to my First YLODed PS3...

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    Feb 2011

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    Greetings all, I received the PS3 Slim 500 GB Serial Number: AA258894239-CECH-4001C for my birthday. I am here researching the possibility of it being backward compatible with PS2 games. It seems I am up the creek without a paddle. There is a lot to learn here, I am not familiar with a lot of the terminology.

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    hello all i am a new user as well

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    I am new here as well, hopefully can get this GoW working

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    No you can't do ps2 games, or even jailbreak. The 3000 and 4000 models cannot be hacked at this time.

    Sorry for the bad news.
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    hello and thank you

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