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    Hi, I'm a N00B N00BY N00B N00B too.

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    Hi all (waiting for good news)

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    Big Grin hello

    very good forums. i think i dont sleep to night because i have a lot of thread to read.

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    From Japan newbie here.

    HI Folks..

    Piratexxx here from japan with my new shinning PS3 and Bravia 46 HDTV1080FULL

    Im not a big gamer.. more a movie fanatic. I just discover now that FAT32 cant transfer big files and nearly have a heart atack.

    i hope i can make good friends here and learn and help others on my way. I live in japan but im not a MANGA/Otaku... please dont ask me about.

    hope the best for everyone..

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    Hi, I'm a pup named scooby doo!

    Just kidding I'm a newb at hacking!!!

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    passing by to say hello

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    Hi all, just joined. Very good and complete forums. Bye

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    hi everyone, im new here too!

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    Noob so first post here

    Just to say hello to everybody and say to all the moderator tanks for the good job everyday.
    I'm italian so i ask excuseme fo my english.

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    new on this forum

    Hi, I'm Seb from France.

    I write french better than english but I'll try for you.
    I discovered your forum (and website) when I searched for news about psp, like homebrews and find them here. I'd like to tell you thats a great website.
    I continue to read it for their very usefull infos.

    Thanks a lot.

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