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    Mar 2013
    Hi everyone I am new in the family...

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    Hi, Just jailbroke my PS3 got 4.3.1 CFW

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    Great forum guys glad to be a part of it

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    Mar 2013
    Hi to all, I'm new in this forum and also in the PS community in fact i just have (for now) a Xbox360 but i will get soon a ps3 so i'm trying to learn how to "fix" some limitations from a normal console!

    anyway cheers.

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    Mar 2013
    i'm a new ps3 forum user

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    Nov 2010
    Hello everyone. New registered user here. I love the wealth of information on these forums.


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    Hi all.. Thanks for that, you look better in the dark!

    But no kidding, THANKS!

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    whats up everyone, i'm new here.

    well i don't kmow how to sart a new thread, so i'll ask here. i want to downgrade my 2001A slim, does anyone do this stuff in the eastcoast?
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    Oct 2012
    Oh, welcome to ps3news

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