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    Delighted to come on board, always loved this website, dont know why i delayed so much keep up the good work ALL

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    Hello all, I'm new to the Gaming console hacking stuff... been doing android and iphones computers ect for a while but no consoles.

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    Hi i'm new here, hey everyone

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    i'm new too yay. I hope to learn and hack my ps3

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    hello ps3news, i'm okrasitna from france.

    i can't buy a new PS4, but i can hack my PS3.

    thanks for all

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    Hi i'm new here, hey everyone

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    hi i'm a newbie here.. araiskull - a male from malaysia, peace everyone legalized

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    Feb 2013
    Hi, new here.

    let's have fun

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    Hello i love my PS3 and i like to play games and movies on it, who doesn't?

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    Hello from Italy guys! My name is Daniel and it's a pleasure stay here!

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