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    Hi everyone, i'm from africa, just joined on the community because i want to know everything i can about the PS3 CFW's, i hope i can make friends here, and mostly because i can't stand it anymore playing offline. I had a fat ps3, it had a blackout, i had one here with some problems, i took it for repair, and the guy setup MM Rogero 4.30, and it's banned from PSN. I also hope i can fix this with your help and i would be very gratefull

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    Hello all, I am a new member I am looking for information on how to hack or jailbreak or whatever the correct term is for PS3. Glad to meet you all here now just reading stuff.

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    Feb 2013
    hello, i'm a new user too.. what's up!

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    Hello Everyone.. I'm glad that i found this site.. tnx a lot admin

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    hi everyone. I've had my fat ps3 for two years now. I bought it with a CFW. I hope this forum can bring out its potential.

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    Feb 2013
    Sziasztok! I'm happy that i am here

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    hello to all on this forum
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    hey and hello all good to meet you.

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    hi, it will be fun to learn new thing and stuffs

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    hey, i just joined. I was told this website would be helpful, and it does look like a great place. Nice to meet you all

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