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    Hi all, I'm new here. Want to learn about ps3 downgrades and re-marrying blu-ray drives.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks a million...

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    Feb 2013
    Hi Ya'll I'm new here and am looking for a way to get a CFW on my PS3 that's still on 2.8 .... yes still on the firmware that I purchased it with all those years ago. I finally came over here looking to upgrade with a CFW so I can put the netflix app on it. Not sure what my options are. Would love to hear from someone to get some direction on my quest. Thanks!

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    I like the greeting; it makes me feel like I am at an AA meeting... Hello... I'm WisdomXtract, and I am a newbie. Alright that was dumb, but getting an accessible version of ANY CFW 3.55 & > is the smartest thing out for someone who used to own a 7 PS3 games; but doesn't anymore because a younger cousin decided to pawn em off, along with an xbox 360 ELITE, because she mistook my remaining items after the move as free game.

    That wasn't funny either. I owned Devil May Cry 4, Drake's Fortune, The First 2 Asassin's Creed games, Little Big Planet, GOW3, and Army of 2... Yes children... All gone. Bummer...

    So I managed to get my hands on an older fat model. Haha O_K The 40G hard drive was toast; but I replaced it with another... took a 120G out of a scrapped laptop, now I can stream music and video files from my pc to the big screen... yayyyyy! NOT! This ish/ is BORING!

    I am getting my wisdom teeth extracted THIS MONDAY, and I would LOVE to be able to play games that I technically still own while I writhing in pain and sucking my mother's meatloaf down with a straw. I am going to be bed ridden, room bound... you get the picture.

    I am at 3.55 OFW and haven't upgraded because of all this talk of being able to play your back ups on ps3 now. I would like my games back as I hadn't even beat them all, and a couple of them were all time favs. I have been a loyal and slippery customer of Sony's since I could say PlayStation... K, I suppose my nose is in deep enough. Access to a custom firmware that allows user to play backups is my dying wish.

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    Halloo everyone I am a new user

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    First time here. Looks very interesting. I belong to a couple other related forums and have just had CFW installed and jailbroke. Now I'm trying to figure out how to get at the movies on showtime. Need to look around here a bit. Thanks

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    Hi guys.. I'm a newbie.. I'm looking to jailbreak superslim CFW 4.31.. is it not released (or not at all possible) yet??

    Many Thanks!!

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    Feb 2013
    Hi im new here try to learn from you all

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    hi everybody

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