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    Feb 2013
    hi all, i am new here..!!! Looking out to learn more from community

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    Hi All, i from Indonesia, as you know i new in ps3 haha take long time to buy this machine.. late maybe but i will enjoy it.

    i got great new from here. nice to know you all

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    Hello I am new to the PS3 modding scene but I have got my hands in it quite a bit lately, I buy and sell Ps3's and have had a few that I was able to put a CFW on and my next step is to purchase a flasher and start a downgrading service. I get a lot of information from this site and I feel I need to start contributing so here ya go Nice to meet yall.

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    Feb 2012
    welcome to ps3 news bro

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    Hey I'm DarkHero from Germany

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    Hello I'm new on here, had ps3 for a while just thought id try get my head around CDMA etc!!

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    hello, i'm new.. what's up everyone?

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    Feb 2013
    hello to everyone

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    Hi, I'm also new here

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    Hi all users and admins welcome to see

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