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    just joined 2 can't wait to see whats on here.

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    Hello all

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    Hello everyone new to the ps3 modding scene. Just got a 500GB hard drive, but wanna test it out on the original HD first. I think I have installed the 4.31 CFW. But I'm not too sure if I did it right, it's working and I'm able to connect to the PSN, so I really dunno. Hope to turn it into a all in one for movies/games/music etc. Anyone can put me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated

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    Hello all

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    hello, i'm new here and my brother just gave me a ps3 slim cuz my next bday coming soon, he said it has 3.21 firmware, i hope i can learn from ya'll and this place

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    New also.. Hi all
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    i'm new, hello

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    hi, trying to learn how to get emulators on my ps3. its hard to figure out though, so many numbers.
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    Jan 2013
    Hello, I'm glad to be here.. I'm new here

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    Dec 2008
    i'm new here every year.

    i log in every now & then just to see if my account still works

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