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    Hey, I'm turtz! as you all know I am new here, pleasure to meet you all ^^

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    hello everyone... new here

    this is a great site
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    Jan 2013
    hello, i'm a new user too.. what's up everyone!

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    I'm fromzero. You've probably seen me on other ps3 related sites in the days. I've been modding and tinkering with stuff since I was like 10. Taking apart vcr's and fixing them, removing the cartridge bumper's to make my SNES a S-Famicon & same with my 64. Anyway, there's more to me than that but that's all I'm saying.

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    Jan 2013
    Hello, I am new to this and have spent countless hours looking for a way to bypass Cinivia and Jailbreak my ps3 4.31 firm and have no idea what to download or where to download from ! Please help

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    hi new here

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    Hello everyone, i'm new to this site.. i don't own a ps3 but i do own a psp

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    Hi, I'm not exactly new here but I may post from time to time. Thanks for having me.

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