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    Hello to all

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    hello guys

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    Hi all.

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    Jan 2013
    hi everyone, I'm Badrunf. Nice to be here

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    hi.. ps3 forever

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    Hi all, call me spocky17. i am new to ps3. got my hands on an old cechg04 which was yloded. Cleaned and fixed the good girl and now it is running like new.

    Today i disassembled her again to put my infectus 2 out of my wii and into her.

    Thats one reason why i am here on board. Hope to find some useful help to get her down.

    Greetings from germany.


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    hi there i'm new here never new how many things you could do with a cfw ps3 so i'm getting one next week then i'm gonna roll big time with ya'll

    also i'm going to be modding the crap out of my games so any new things i discover and come up with you have my word i will share it with everyone peace!
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    Hi everyone, its nice to be here i'm coming from an xbox 360 so be gentle with me i look forward to spend some time on the site

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    Been away from gaming for some time now... easing my way back in though.

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