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    Hello to all and happy new year! New to the scene. I am trying to add an NES and SNES emulator to my ps3. Can someone, anyone, help guide me in the proper steps to take to make this happen, please???

    I have a non-modified PS3 slim 120gb btw
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    Jan 2013
    Hi all, exciting !

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    HI guyz,

    i'm not new but was a reader in 2010


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    Jan 2013
    Great forum! even though i'm late...

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    I am new user too...

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    Helo everybody! I really love to learn from here

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    Hi guys, new member here. I own a 40gb ps3 since its launch and I haven't jailbreaked it yet.

    I want to jailbreak it now, but I don't know if I can downgrade or wait until there is a stable jailbreak for 4.31 OFW.

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    Jan 2013
    I am new here.. Learnin' how to dowgrade their fatso PS3

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    i'm booby hi everyone

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    hello. i'm from greece and i'm glad to be a ps3news member

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