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    Hi everyone an oldtimer wanting to learn new tricks

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    Sep 2011
    hi all, i'm RihaD

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    Jan 2012
    newbie here

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    Hey guys and gals. Cleatonman here, I've just joined and I'm very interested in learning more about my PS3. I love developing and modifying software. I hope that I can pick up some useful knowledge, not only pertaining to the Playstation but, for programming in general.

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    Hi all,

    I'm currently trying to revive my 40GB SEM-001 after bricking with bad firmware downgrade. Finally got an off-board programming solution working (with infectus) - can now successfully write to both NAND chips off-board (in TSOP sockets on a programming adapter) so *fingers crossed* I hope I'm not far off. Next up is to fit TSOP sockets to the PS3 itself and drop the newly programmed NANDs in there and see if I cant get into service mode to reflash!

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    Hello everyone, i am new.

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    Jan 2013
    hey i just joined this forum... it's amazing

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    And now I have one year in PS3News.. (Happy New Year & Welcome to the All Members) Enjoy

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    Jan 2013
    Hello everyone ... I am also new


    PS: I am a new owner of PS3 ... I hope that I'll be able soon to give precious contributions

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