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    Hello, i am David!!!

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    Hi all, new to the PS3 world... I know, it's only been around forever, but I have two young kids, and have had no time for games recently, like the last 5 years... lol. I came to this forum because a friend gave me his broken console, it had a corrupt HDD, and I came seeking answers to fixing it and upgrading the size of the HDD.

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    hello to everyone

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    Hi i'm josh, i'm here to get as much info as i can about the hacks for the ps3 as i currently have one and wish to jb it however every single site i go to to find the jb software has me fill out a survey then don't give me the program... kinda stuck, maybe i'll find something here.

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    hi guys, i'm new here and think this site is exactly what i'm looking for, ps3 news. i have 2 ps3s one one a cfw and on not so i can find all the info i want for both right here.

    happy days

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    Hello everyone, my PS3 is on version 4.21 and I know absolutely nothing about how to start.

    my goal is to run game backups from HD, time to dig in info here

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    Just saying hey!

    Hello everyone i'm new to trying to jailbreak my ps3. I've had a 120GB ps3 since 2009 and have never thought about jailbreaking it until today so i'm here to learn. I've jailbroken several iphone so i'm hoping this will be just as easy.

    I'm currently on firmware version 4.31 and i'm having trouble finding a good download link.

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    Hi, Getting the obligatory intro to myself out of the way...

    Currently running 5 PS3's:
    - 2 160GB 4.31 OFW
    - 1 320GB 4.31 OFW
    - 1 CFW Rebug 3.55.3
    - 1 160GB CFW 3.55.3.

    Looking to get my Progskeet delivered shortly as well and will be doing some initial video tut's on my Cronus when it also arrives today...

    I'm no coder but I have a lot of resources at my disposal, if someone needs some testing shoot me a PM.

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    Hello everyone, my PS3 is on version 3.55

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    hello everyone, i'm tony!

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