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    Oct 2010
    Lets do this!

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    hi.. whats good ?

    so have you guys got Introductions for the new members ?
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    hey hey deathbringer here just took my ps3 out of the box after almost a year so just wanna catch up to whats been going on the "scene"

    i see major size tweak to mutiman to can i go directly to 4.17 from 4.04 or do i have to get a full version and do incremental? thanks
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    I be a new user and I have two PS3's one of which is YLOD. That one I plan to fix and jailbreak if possible. Mostly for imports. Lastly, what's up all.

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    New user here, hello everyone!

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    Jan 2013
    Hi, am new here my English is not so good

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    hello new here!

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    I'm a new user too, buying ps3 tomorrow
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    Hi, I am new to the jailbreak scene and I am eager to learn how to jailbreak ps3 and use multiman. Thanks.

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