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    I'm back again... been a while. Got a YLOD off craigslist... took it apart... did the heatgun thing, Arctic Silver... wiped the original owners stuff...(Oh man.. he had netflix!) and now its mine to 'play with'... browsing the forums, seeing just how I can jailbreak without having to get any boards, dongles, ect... No need to ask questions... it looks like anything I need, is already here...somewhere...

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    Dec 2012
    Hello, new user, new ps3 owner, new to everything in the ps3 world.

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    hello , i am a new user, still don't have a ps3 but i will get one soon

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    Hi I'm new just finding my way around I have had a ps console since day one.

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    hello I'm from Portugal, and I'm very pleased with your hard work, keep it up, you are the best, thanks for everything

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    Hello World!!

    Welcome Home PS3

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    hello, am new here. i just bought a ps3 jailbroken with a fren. i am learning progressively on how to correctly patch games and so on. i am studying about eboots and all. my firmware 3.55 btw.

    i have a question already. if i download a game on the internet, i should use eboot and mutiman to be able to patch it right?

    also, i forgot to add something. my ps3 doesnt play bluray movies but all games work fine. what should i do? anyone can help me please? thank you
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    what's up guys

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    hi to all

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