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    1st post Hi everyone!

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    Dec 2012
    hi evey one looking at this websites for a while it was only a matter of time till i joined

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    just joined, i'm a new user also... what's up everyone!!!

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    Dec 2012
    hi.. new user

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    Feb 2008
    And merry xmas, hello and welcome to all you people who want to learn and expand your mind on the most excellent Ps3 News

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    Welcome aboard everybody.

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    Hello everybody,

    I'm new in the forum.

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    i am new too

    merry xmas everyone
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    Dec 2012
    hey everyone, merry xmas. nothing much... i need a little push to get it right over, am excited to be a member.

    yeah! am happy to have all ya intelligent people around me, in the spirits christmas, can some1 put me thru if possible with valid links on how to downgrade my ps3 version 4.11 to cfw3.55. i tried doing it myself all i get is {update is corrupted}, maybe i was using the wrong .pup file. i tried downloading, i have problems with passwords and surveys from sponsored site. pls i need help.
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    newbie here, hello too!!

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