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    Dec 2008

    hello to everyone

    hi all, hope you all had a good xmas & all the best 4 the new year, as this is my first post ive probably posted it in the wrong place if i have i apologize, secondly i look forward to speakin to some of you in the coming days, weeks and months etc... so until then all the best!

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    also a noob

    I'm also a noob.. i need something to copy files easily to my ps3 :/

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    Jul 2006

    Thumbs Up Howdy

    howdy all new to this PS3 stuff, sure glad to see the info for PS3 growing day by day..... this is awesome!!!


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    Thumbs Up First post...

    First post for me too.. hurrah!

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    Dec 2008
    New guy here. Just figuring out which version I want to buy with my tax return, and found this site.

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    Dec 2008

    Big Grin was up

    was up everybody.. im a newb and im better than you in gta 4

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    Hi everyone. New to the forums.. thanks for the opportunity.

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    i am noob, hello to all.

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    My very first post, hello all!

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    Hourra! My first post! Of all my life!

    Hi all! After 15 years in electronic and software development, it is the first time of my life that I post something on a forum. I hope to be useful to this community as much as this community have helped me up to now !

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