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    Hello everyone, i have entered the wonderful world of Playstation 3, hope to have a wonderful ride with you guys...

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    Hi I've been on here for a bit but I just realized you're supposed to introduce yourself, so hey I'm here

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    Hi everybody

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    Hi everyone! What a great site you have here, and its very informative. Enjoy playing!

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    Hi all of you gamers! I joined not too long ago, and wanted to learn what PlayStation 3 has to offer. I am an Xbox360 owner, but it looks like PlayStation 3 have better graphics, so I might switch if I find it is easy as Xbox to mod and back-up games if you know what I mean. I will be looking forward in learning!

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    Nov 2010
    hello everyone, join happy~

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    Hi guys!! New here and just flashed my first PS3 CFW. Good stuff!

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    hello everyone my name is pbeltran and im looking forward to getting to know some of you by the way i have ps3 in the process of jailbreaking my ps3

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    Hey all how's things with everyone?? first post for me on this forum

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    just joined, hope can share the PS3 interested in with you all

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