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    Joined and loving it

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    May 2012
    Hey everyone,

    I am new to PS3 scene, I have one PS3 Debugging station in my garage but I don't really have enough time to play with it...

    Feel free to contact me via email in my acc details if you can find better use for that peace of hardware. Maybe I can change it for Retail...

    Have fun

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    Dec 2012
    Hey all, i'm from the us and have been hacking consoles for quite some time, and now its time to do my ps3. 160 Slim on the dreaded 4.31 OFW!

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    hello everyone name is demarcus and trying to find more about modding the ps3. i will ask for help sometime in the near future thank you for understanding.

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    Oct 2010
    Good luck with that one ... it is a hard to peel lady!

    Welcome to the site!!


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    Hello everybody. New user to this site, hopeful to learn some new PS3 stuff

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    Dec 2012
    hey every one i'm glad to be here

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    It's fun to be new... so much fun...

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    Hi everyone... I'm still new here. Nice to meet you all

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    Good afternoon

    Hi ya all.

    Trying to have some fun with my PS3, can't seem to download the file manager thingny...

    Wasn't I already registered over a year a go !

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