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    Dec 2012
    hello, looking to fix ps3 from Uruguay

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    Hi, i am from holland and own a ps3 slim for over a year now. i think it is time to do something different to is now.

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    Just bought my ps3 superslim today, total newbee

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    just joined hello peeps

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    Hi, I'm Feloemeche from Costa Rica and get here looking for a solution to de 80010009 error on Fifa 13 ps3.

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    hi everyone i'm new, nice to join this forum

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    Brand new to this site always looking for the bigger, better, Firmware or anything that can tweek my PS3 so if you got it come with it! And don't be strangers always looking for new buddies. I'm out of San Antonio TX so if your my neighbor say "Hi' and if not do it anyways, well gon keep on scrollin' through all this awesome stuff and C what Ilike.

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    Oct 2008
    I'm not exactly new, just reacquainted.

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    hello.. now what?

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