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    Dec 2012
    hi new guy here going to be asking some questions on usb flash drive backups and getting ps2 on flash drives thanks

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    Dec 2012
    Hey I just joined

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    Dec 2012
    Nice to meet you

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    I too just joined. New on here but not exactly new on playstation. I've got a CEGH01 model I got used sometime ago and it has a dead bluray drive. So I'm researching what I need to remarry a new drive to it as none of the local repair places have a clue what to do other than replacing the laser which isnt the problem.

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    Hello everyone, i'm excited to learn new things from everyone.

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    hi, just joined

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    hi.. well i am new to ps3 jailbreaking. look forward to contributing.

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    Roll Eyes check site out

    Just registered, looking forward to check out the site.

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    Back Again

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