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    Hi, I'm italian.

    It's my first post but I follow you from long time.

    I have a ps3 pal 60gb bought at day one.

    Sorry for my bad english

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    Oyo, didn't notice this topic... Hello guys !

    I'm not a very new member, but still wanna introduce myself. I have a 60Gb PS3, and I shoud receive my second PS3, which is a Japanese hagane soon. I'm 22, girl student. My favorite section is the theme section ^^.

    That's all about me. See you !

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    hello everyone, i am new to this forum just wanted to say hi. so "hi"

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    Newest Member

    hey PS3news...

    im new here... heard alot about u guys around the ps3 forums... came to join the fun. hope I can learn a lot here!

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    Apr 2005


    And PS3NEWS.COM welcomes all of you and enjoy our forums.

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    lol, I'm a noob too!

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    hi guys... im noob....and i have a ps3 version 40Gb with the firmware DEBUG 2.20

    and i install this firmware swap disc (hdd)... and i want to participate in the area that speak only about debug firmware. i can prove that i have a debug firmware make a movie with my phone... but i only prove this to someone that can make i view the debug firmware section.....

    sorry my bad english guys... i'm portuguese and speak english so bad....


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    i am a noob too

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    Hello everyone,

    i'm new here. I have a 80gb ps3 and im trying to get into the scene more.

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    Newbie here!

    I have an 80gb PS3.

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