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    Hello users, I am a newbie lol

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    Hello everybody, I'm new to the PS3 world, been in the box too long. Looking forward to this new relationship. Gotta go check out all the cool new toys & gadgets. Cya

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    Hi, Just made a start to downgrade my PS3, hope this forums supports me a lot

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    Hi guys, been registered for a year now but never got the chance to introduce myself lol. Very nice forum community indeed (keep up the good work guys)

    I'm mainly a dev collector I have the DECR-1400 and now looking for a PS3 REFERENCE TOOL DECR-1000a and DECR-1010 controllers so if you have anything sexy please do get in touch.

    Thank you for allowing me to join a fantastic forum community!

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    Dec 2012
    Hello to all !!!

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    Dec 2012
    Hi all! new guy here!!

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    sup all

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    Hello, I'm from venezuela

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    hi from mexico with love

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    Dec 2012
    Just joined whilst looking for some PSP covers.. will give site a good look over. thanks

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