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    Nov 2012
    Hi, i'm a new user of this fantastic ps3 page!

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    Hello, everyone. Just got my e3.. ready to play with it..

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    hello, i'm a new user too.. what's up everyone
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    hi all, very nice page

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    Hello everyone, I have a 40gb ps3 and I want to upgrade to a 80gb. I want learn more about jailbreak, Ty.

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    hello all

    hello all i just got a 500gb ps3 with assassins creed 3. i want to mod it so i can play backup games from external hdd can anyone tell me what i need to do this ive done it for my wii but ps3 seems more harder my firmware i'm running is official 4.31

    a lot of sites i've been to have dead end links so far to my understanding i need to downgrade but most links i've been to are dead end meaning it wants me to do survey or some other bull crap
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    Hello to all... i have fat 80GB console with rogero 4.30 v2 and all works gr8

    it is hard... first you need a flasher... I have multiman stealth version if someone wants...
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    Hey everyone, just signed up! I traded in my 60GB model and some titles for a brand spankin' new "super" slim model (500GB with AC3, which I traded in. I'm expecting it for xmas) Hope to rekindle my PS love and actually play my console this time around instead of cursing the launch model for replacing my apartment's head and fan duties

    ps: you can add me "metalguitars" I don't have a ton of games yet, but I'm working on it. I sold most of my titles during the great "NewXbox" of 2011. Actually, it's a great system, because I get to see my gf dancing around in her undies in front of the Kinect..
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    Nov 2012
    PS3 User here, PEACE to you all.

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    New member here in the Sucka Free San Francisco Bay Area.

    I need a modder in my area where's REX
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