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    hi all !!

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    Nov 2012
    Hello to all..

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    Hi all... Total noob to ps3 cfw scene. Thanks in advance.

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    Hey everyone new to the board and actually to the PS3

    Sorry I am from NY and plan on playing black ops 2
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    Hello all.. new to the seen and glad to be here!

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    Nov 2012
    Hello i'm from holland and knows a lot of ps3 firmware modding and hacking and i wanted to downloading a file over here but i must be registered first.

    Ps awsome site VERY helpful!!

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    Nov 2012
    i'm new and just thought i'd say watup.

    and i like cheese
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    Jul 2005
    What up everyone!

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    Jan 2011
    Hey all been a long time since been on these forums.

    hows everyone doing?

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    I'm Irish and a complete noob when it comes to PS3 Hacks. Loving the site though!

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