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    hi guyz, new also!!

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    hi all, new to this site as well

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    Hello! Im the fat new guy!

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    Oh hai everyone, I'm mike from Poland.

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    hi im new.. glad to be here!

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    Dec 2008
    Hi all! This site looks very interesting.

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    I'm a newbie whats up! I've got a little bit done to my PS3 to make it have 500 gigs of hard drive space.

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    hi all, new here too!

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    New to the board

    Hey I'm new here, drawn here by the vast amount of information on this site. Today the day I register, looking the webcam driver for the PS3 cam. I want to webcam with my family on christmas and it's the only cam I have. I'm in Okinawa Japan, stationed here for 3 years, so we can't just do the whole I'll drive home for Christmas thing. heh. well that's me!

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    im new to ps3news

    this is a great site.. if you dont find what your looking for here you probly will not find it or its not real lol! any one try proxy server for your ps3? im going to use it.

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