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    hello to all

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    Nov 2012
    Hello everyone.

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    Nov 2012
    HI all, names Azrial, currently on 3.55CFW, and still undecided if I need to go up to 4.30 or stay on 3.55 for now, as I have a lot of PSN titles on my PS3 that I play and I am lead to believe these would no longer work after upgrading. Anyway, happy I've joined this site, hopefully I'll get any help I require if needed.

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    hi all.. ok thanks!

    Yep I'm in the same boat not sure about this new cfw 4.30 from Rogero CFW 4.30 v2 [CEX] I saw a few youtube videos on it, Think i'll say on kmeaw 3.55 cfw and apply eboot fix's just to be on the safeside
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    I'm not new but I never did say hello, hey all I'm bitsbubba (Bits or Bubba is fine) and you might know me from other sites but was my 1st

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    Hello Folks

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    i'm new.. whats up ps3 brothers

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    Hi, new to this site but old senior in consoles

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    hi all

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