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    Welcome - this is where you want to be!

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    hey i'm new to this forum whats up

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    hi, i'm israel and i'm 13 i have an slim of 320 gb and a fat of 20 the firstin the market the fat one is in 4.21ofw and the slim in 3.55 kmeaw.

    i registered because of cfw but i check the page and is interesting keep like this ps3news.. i'm bilingual.

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    Just scored my first 3.55 PS3...

    Hey everyone, hoping to figure out WTF I'm doing with a little help from you all. I have 3 PS3s now, since I just scored one today that has 3.55 cfw on it. I intend to upgrade the HD and start playing with homebrew. Been wanting to for years, but made the mistake of updating my other PS3s past 3.55 so...

    Anyway, good to be here!

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    Cool New User

    What up looking to blow my system open. finally gunna hook it up and see what happens

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    New Member! Nice forum saw some great discussions

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    Nov 2012
    Yes, yes. I'm new to PS3news and relatively new the the "scene" as well.

    Having a lot of fun messing with stuff, and learning new things as I go along.

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    Jul 2011
    welcome to all you new members to the forum

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    Lurker here, and hello~

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    Jun 2009
    hi and nice job

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