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    hi there, i'm azhrael and i'm trying to learn how to use my jailbreaked 80gb ps3... nice to meet all of you!

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    Hi everyone,

    A new french rookie is coming in the forums. Let's enjoy ps3 full power guys !

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    Hello I'm a new user.

    Trying to downgrade my ps3 from 4.21 to 3.55
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    Nov 2012


    hello every one i'm ziglas and i'm new here- i hope i can learn more things and help if necessary
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    Hello I am new.. i wish to learn how to install hacks for games

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    Hello everyone, i'm Austin just passing thru here

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    Hello all! Wanted to jailbreak a PS3 for a long time, but I was always hesitant about bricking it, but with all the info here it seems like I can do it without bricking, so yay for me.

    I'm really interested in getting a PS3 so I can jailbreak it, but since the data is often outdated, I don't wanna end up getting stranded. So, is the kmeaw 3.55 firmware steps the best firmware to use? I've seen it referenced a lot, so I'm just curious because of the 4.x CFW from Rogero.

    Would I be unable to play recent games like Borderlands 2 and upcoming ones with the aforementioned 3.55 CFW?

    (Sorry. I'm sure you get these questions all the time, but I wanna be ABSOLUTELY sure everything I want to do on my PS3 will be possible, or at least the majority of it)

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    hello to all

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    Hi all, nicely done.
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