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    Hi.. Me too, Now only missys the cfw for ofw 4.25

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    Hi I'm also new and not much on how to download games to my ps3 3.55 I would like to help me a little

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    quick guide to installing games

    Hi all, here is also a quick guide to installing games.

    1 install multiman
    2 if you are using a usb drive this must be fat32 .then make a directory called games or game
    3 copy your game to your usb drive go into multman then click refresh ,make shore you have any game in your drive , choose your game load it scroll to the game click and play , all so if you click triangle then click game options some games will require bd selected and external drive. you do this under multiman

    4 ftp load your multiman ,go back to your pc and install filezila .the ip adress is there is no password to access your ps3 you will then need to copy the game to hd0 game. load up multiman and click refresh any questions please ask lol, i know its not the best guide but its 3.15 in the morning lol here in the uk

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    hi thx for having me join also.

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    HALLO thank you very much for your big help!!!

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    I'm a newbie and yea, i'm here to learn about downloading purchased contents from PSN for ps3 with PC

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    Hi, arthas from india, i bought the new super slim 500gb ps3, and since the base cfw is 4.2 i'm not sure how to jailbreak my ps3, any help would be appreciated especially if u have done this on a superslim ps3, thanks

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    Hello to all..

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