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    nice thanks so much guys

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    Nov 2012

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    Hi new here

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    Nov 2012


    Hi guys n Gals. I am new here. How's everyone.

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    Nov 2012
    hello to everyone

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    Nov 2012
    Hello all, untrax here to help and learn

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    hi all, nice to be on board.. lets play some fifa 13

    cool site
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    signing up to get some help

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    Hello everyone,

    Call me hyperjinxz. I from UK. I registered with you a while ago. I don't yet have a PS3... Actualy I am trying to get one for "free" but I am in the begining of that. And that PS3 is 40 GB, I want the 60 GB one, anyway it will come soon and I will be full member of this scene. I had a PS2 v7 with dms4 pro and three v3's I think... in pieces... but all good things become parts and pieces of junk in time... I felt like writing and here looked like a good spot.

    Anyway nice to meet you all I hope we will have fun together in the future.

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    Hello, I'm mukademukwa (means black bear in odawa). I have finally decided to join a site since I couldn't ask any questions without joining, and there is way to much stuff to sift through on google. I hope I can find all the answers I need here. Can't wait to play some ps3!

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