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    Nov 2012
    hello guys

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    hey everyone just got my first ps3 trying to see what i can do with it

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    just join from Bali

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    Hello guys

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    hellooooo guys

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    Just another guy saying hey

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    Hi everybody. My name is ahhhh, My name is uhhhhh, shigui sshigui Artur.

    Nonsense away, just joined this forum to see if i can get to know more about ps3 since i have one 60GB FAT with RC that is always being treated for YLOD it's perhaps the 10th time i do a reflow on the board and it sattles cool for about 4 or 5 months and then YLOD and reflow again (just about now it waits a new reflow as YLOD happend again) maybe i'll do it this week this one is OFW UPDATED. Then when the fat one started YLOD i bought a slim CECH-25XX wich until now had no problems at all.

    Well, just hope to learn a lot with you umongus masters

    See you around.

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    I am a fan with PS3news i can find all the information needed in your site and decided to register ive been using your site to get information updates, i just update my ps3 to rogero 4.30 v1 and need info if i can update this again without going back to 3.55 there is a new version from rogero 4.30 v1.02

    thank you

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    hi there i been searching for the jail break for the ps3 slim 320gb i did a update but it was not the right one it said i need a 3.66 i have a 4.30 and have a update for 4.31 i hope i can find it on here

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    Oct 2010
    just joined. i'm excited to get down to learning all of this too

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