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    Hello, i hope to find interesting info here

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    I've learned and founded lots of things here and i'll be glad to be part of the community ^^

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    Hello, I just joined and I have a 3.55 CFW ps3 and then a 4.30 the latest firmware on my CFW I have multiman and comgenies awesome file manager I just want to know how to host a mw3 xp lobby on the 1.23 update without getting console banned I don't care if my account gets banned but not my console if anyone could please walk me through that would be amazing thank you.

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    Hello everyone

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    hi everybody, been here quite long, but now decided to introduce myself

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    hello everyone, i'm Richard from Dominican Republic

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    just joined. and i am very happy to be here. can't wait to dive in.

    kind of a noob
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    Nov 2012
    Hi, just joined. It's an exciting time to have a ps3 with cfw! Many thanks to the modders and hackers who drive this stuff forward. Let's hope these clever dudes find a way to downgrade a brand new ps3 eventually so that when our old modded ones cack it we can carry on regardless!

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    Checking in from AU Hello all.

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    hi and thanks

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