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    Not sure if I've ever replied to this thread, but I've been here a while and have only started to post again recently. I hope I can help some people out while I'm here, or be helped out if need be

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    hello everyone!

    i'm Guy from Pointe - Noire, Congo... and I love my PS3 !

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    Oct 2006
    hi all, Zorn here, glad to be part of the community

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    hi, i'm new and hello everyone

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    Hi everyone , I'm a new Frenchie !

    I hope I could find whatever I want here..
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    Oct 2012
    Hello everybody. I just found this forum while I was looking for some new XMB Themes but it seems there's a lot more to find here. Hope to get along with everybody and be of some use.

    Best regards.

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    Oct 2009
    hi i'm t11 from italy is a pleasure to be part of this forum

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    Hello all

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    Hello to all
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    Hi guys, I haven't been on in a while but I'm back. The forum is looking good, I look forward to being part of the community again.

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