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    Hey I'm new,

    From new Zealand with an 80gb cechk02 model looking for an emulator to play my PS2 games so I can get rid of my old PS2 (5 years old)

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    Dec 2008

    My name is RoyVG, i don't play that much on the PS3, more on the PS2 because it has more games i like so far. :P

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    Jun 2008

    my 1st post

    hi, im joining this wonderful community.. any tips?

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    I'm Mother Brain in memory of Super Metroid in Super Nintendo

    I live in France

    I have :

    - xbox
    - xbox 360
    - ps3 60gb
    - wii
    - snes

    - nomad (genesis portable)
    - gp2x
    - nds
    - psp slim

    and some arcade system (1000 in1, naomi and cps3)

    I'm glad to join your community

    see you later

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    Jun 2006

    Hi all

    Just saying hi to you great users - Happy Xmas!

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    Hi, im a newbie to the site.. but not a newbie to electronics and programming.

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    i am a newbie, and proud to be one.

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    hello from portugal

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    Nov 2008
    Hi everybody. Great site!

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    Welcome from another noob member!

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