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    I'm from Portugal and I'm loving this site.

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    hello i am a new user

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    Hello all, I'm new to the PS3 scene. Learning how to downgrade PS3

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    hello i just joined kinda newb in ps3 jailbreaks etc want to learn more about it and i hope i can find lotta info here

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    Oct 2012
    Hi i'm ps3 scener. i will only go under that name to remain anonymous. as you all know we have been waiting for a 4.30 jailbreak over ofw.

    it is possible. it can be done and i have files that can allow that to happen. what i need is a experienced scener who knows what to do with the files. thanks.

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    Oct 2012

    This is Madhu from India. Great to be here at ps3news as it seems to be one of the first to report any news related to ps3.

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    New to this but ready to learn, let's do this

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    that is powerful forum for PS3 hacks, i'd like it !

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    Nov 2012
    Sweet keen as to look aroound the forum Ps3 FTW <3

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    Hello Everybody !

    I'm from France, i look everyday at this website and i've decided to register today ! I love PS3news. (Sorry for my poor English.)

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