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    hello everybody, just got a ps3 ready to get it poppin!

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    Hello everyone!!

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    Hello All, Gigaquad here, i'm new here too.. looking forward to seeing what this site has to offer

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    hi all and good luck

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    Hi everybody I'm EVILasn99 and I'm new to to the ps3 hacking scene. Hope to learn a lot from you guys!

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    hi i am new here. good home page

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    Oct 2012
    Welcome to the forums all new comers

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    Jul 2006
    Hi all i don't like to post to much i love this site i use come on this site back when i think it used to be ps2news thanks to everyone that helps thank you!!!

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    hi all

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    Dec 2006
    Hello, i'm new to tha forum but a constant reader of the news section, ps3news being my primary source of info about the scene. I'm from Romania and I do my gaming on a slim PS3 320GB with CFW3.55 Kmeaw, considering on upgrading to 1TB and rogero 4.30CFW. Thanks for havig me, I'm not a total noob and maybe I can be of help for someone.

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