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    Oct 2012
    Hi, Good to be here!

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    Ciao, I'm a new user!!!!


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    hi everyone, happy to be on the team

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    hi everyone

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    Hi all. Nice to meet you all.

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    Greetings... New modding the PS3... I want to thank those contributors for the wealth of info. posted here..

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    Oct 2012
    hello everyone, greetings from portugal, tank's by the add.

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    Hey Guys, I'm new but I'm not new. I registered several years ago but have never posted anything.

    I have three 3.41 cfw ps3 60gb models and one 3.55 cfw 80gb ps3. I also have four jtag 360's and one rgh 360. I am a biomedical engineer and I refurbish and mod game systems as a hobby. The reason that I have these consoles is because I bought many broken consoles back when ylod and rrod were JUST becoming common in 2008-2009

    I joined several years ago but have never posted. I like to read and keep up with the news of current next generation systems. I am from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
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    hello boys and girls, old dog here but always trying to learn something new and i guess this is the best place to do that!

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    just joined loking to remarry a blu ray drive to a ps3. curently running original 3.55. where do i go from here?

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