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    hello all

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    Oct 2012
    hi and thanks, very intelligent

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    welcome to ps3news the best and updated ps3 site

    i was always check ps3news for update news.

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    hi, i'm new

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    Hi all!!

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    Hello all. hoping to learn something from the gurus. sure I will

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    I like this community, I hope I could learn a lot of things... sorry for the "english" I'm from Venezuela

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    Hello peepz, i am from the Netherlands and joined you guys becuz i could use some help actually with my CFW 3.55 i bought a PS3 which has this Firmware but dont know exactly what to do, anyone got some answers for me? i downloaded a few games but cant play most of them.

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    Hello everyone, I am new here, I want to find something about cracking resident evil 6 in 3.55...

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    HELLO thank you admin for accepting my registration cheers

    I like ps3 news I'm from philippines just call me jojo
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