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    Hello all,

    My name is gregmohammed, and I am excited to start developing! I will be perusing the threads to find out all I can to start programming for the PS3. Talk to you soon,


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    Oct 2012
    Hi, I want to learn something here.

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    Hey Guys. I'm new here too. I don't usually post much on the forums I frequent. I am an information hound. I am always striving to know more about all of my interests (which are many - from computers/videogames to cars/motorcycles - science/technology to aviation/military history). I'm not a very socialable(sp?) guy either on the internet or in life. I use the internet as an encyclopedia or an information database. I spend my day basically researching my interests. I am facinated by using things or hacking things like the PS3 to make them do things they weren't made for.

    Thanks for the great site here guys.

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    hi all, what about the fixer 4 Resident evil 6 CFW 3.55 & 3.41?

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    Jan 2011
    mabuhay! you can call me seg from the philippines. always keep us posted. thanks.

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    Hey everyone, i'm a newb here too..

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    kumusta kayo. i'm from philippines

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    Oct 2012

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    hi all
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    we are da champs

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